The distinctive golden-red hue and full, refreshing flavor are created using specially selected lightly-toasted grains of wheat & malted barley.

This is an elegant beer style with a subtle malt-hop balance and a clean rounded palate.  The distinctive crisp bitterness is balanced across the palate by a full malt flavour

Golden ale small

The hops are added to the kettle late in the boil to develop aroma, giving the Golden Ale its intense and complex hop characters with spicy notes and distinctive aromas of oranges & tangerines.

The hops soften and balance the malts to deliver a smooth, delicate palate rich with hints of toffee and caramel.

Its long, cool maturation gives a clean finish and a crisp, refreshing taste.

With a sweetish malt accent and dry finish, Platinum Golden ale is perfect with wood-fired pizza, spit-roast meats and spicy dishes.

100% Natural – complex toasted malt-hop balance. clean rounded palate.  juicy oranges, kumquats & tangerines

woodfire pizza