Platinum Beer is proud to announce the birth of its third child: Platinum East Sea was born July 1st at 19.23.


This summer, a new refreshing dry-hopped summer ale at 4.6% was created based on the need for a refreshing beverage for the eternal Saigon summer & fun times at the beach with friends, Platinum East Sea is already flowing at a tap point near you.
Brewed from 100% natural imported ingredients, Platinum’s delicious East Sea is pale straw in color with moderate haziness and a fluffy white head it’s all about freshness, once you get past the initial abundance of hoppy aromas including fresh grapefruit it opens up to lots of spicy notes with a refreshing herbal mouthfeel and long finish of freshly cut grass and orange zest, a hop-forward beer that’s exceptionally drinkable.

East Sea is the perfect match with spicy Vietnamese dishes, all manner of grilled seafood & awesome with ceviche. It’s summer time, it’s East Sea time!

ABV 4.6%

IBU 22